A Rapid Health Check for your Brand for 2018

 January 3, 2018

With 2018 kicking in, do you know how well your brand is performing? Here is a quick 10-min test that might just help you to know if your branding and strategic decisions are taking you in the right direction, present status of your brand health, and thus helps you in analyzing your brand, so you… Read more »

Action is Paramount to a Successful Brand Strategy

 December 15, 2017

You are what you do, and not what you say you’ll do. The simple truth which proves itself time and again in the business world. Strategy and planning are crucial for the success of any kind of execution. But, without action, these remain just words. Actions are necessary to translate an idea to reality. It… Read more »

Which Branding Technique suits your organisation – Individual or Umbrella Branding?

 November 15, 2017

Branding, as it stands today is quite critical for any product being launched. Depending on which organisation it is coming from, a good branding strategy can either help a brand stand out from the rest of the products launched by the company or stand very much among them while communicating a story in complete synchronicity…. Read more »

The Brand Strategy Roadmap: How To Guide Your Brand’s Successful Future

 July 27, 2017

Why is Brand Mapping Important? Brand mapping is used to understand the positioning of a brand with respect to the attributes in any brand. In brand mapping, a large number of attributes are shown on the axis and a number of brands are rated on several of these attributes i.e areas of interest of customers…. Read more »

Understanding the Right Brand Architecture and Driving Success

 April 30, 2017

What is Brand Architecture? Brand Architecture refers to the logical, strategic and relational structure for brands. It is defined as an integrated process of brand building through establishing brand relationships among branding options in the competitive environment. What is the role of Brand Architecture? Brands play a huge role in our lives. Some of us… Read more »

7 Characteristics of a Strong Brand Strategy

 March 24, 2017

A brand strategy can take as many forms as the number of brands that exist in the world. However, they fulfill certain criteria to successfully reach their brand goals. Here are the 7 most important criteria to check if you have developed a good and effective brand strategy.   1. Provides a clear overall direction… Read more »

5 Reasons Why You Need a Digital Marketing Strategy

 March 15, 2017

There is a huge misconception that a digital marketing strategy is required only for big brands with deep pockets. However, the fact is that having a digital marketing strategy, irrespective of the size and scale of your business, can make a huge difference to your end results, if executed properly. A digital marketing strategy is… Read more »

How to Create a Strong Brand Strategy in Three Stages

 February 24, 2017

Brand strategies come in all shapes and sizes. Designing one that fits your brand and company goals is one of the most rewarding and profitable assignments you can engage in. You already know why a brand strategy is important. Your next step will be to formulate a compelling brand strategy. Although every company follows a… Read more »

4 Reasons why Brand Strategy is Important for your Company

 February 20, 2017

Brand strategy is such an understated word. As marketers, we sometimes truly do not understand the full extent of the word and often abuse it. Strategy is the overall game plan to reach a long-term goal. For brands, these goals could be anything from increasing brand awareness to expanding market share. A strategy would be… Read more »

Adorable Valentine’s Day Digital Media Brand Campaigns that won our Hearts

 February 10, 2017

During Valentine’s week, more brands are now trying to lure customers into a bond of love with them, even if they do not sell Valentine’s Day related products. It is now a custom for many brands to play cupid by injecting some love into their marketing campaigns leading up to February 14th. We look at… Read more »

4 Creative Social Media Brand Updates During Super Bowl Sunday

 February 6, 2017

Like a champion is crowned at every Super Bowl, brands also win big with their Super Bowl commercials that are aired at increasingly high priced TV ad slots. But in the age of social media, both big and small brands can score a touchdown on Super Bowl Sunday. An estimated 78% of consumers engage on… Read more »

From Prada to Nada: Top 5 brands who bid farewell to the Super Bowl 2017

 February 4, 2017

It’s the Super Bowl weekend. For marketing geeks around the world, it’s Christmas. Forget the game, forget the players, forget the half-time performers. Let’s focus on the real stars of the show – the ads. Super Bowl ads are nothing short of legendary. The biggest agencies are hired, the biggest budgets are flaunted, the biggest… Read more »

Fascinating Holiday Brand Campaigns of 2016

 January 18, 2017

Every holiday season, countless businesses mobilize to cash in on the spending frenzy, with holiday marketing and promotional campaigns. And some brands create lovely and heart-warming video ads that catch our attention because they tend to remind us of something. Our criteria for this collection is purely based on creative storytelling, because they delighted, inspired… Read more »

Year in Review 2016 | A snapshot of an year at Whyletz

 January 2, 2017

2016 has been a wonderful year at Whyletz. When we look back, it clearly shows the miles we’ve passed in the 365 days; when we look back. Looking back to 1st January, we are proud about this amazing journey. Here is a snapshot of 2016 at Whyletz. Every brand is a shining star. And in… Read more »

Interesting Rio 2016 Olympics campaigns by brands

 August 18, 2016

Olympics – the global celebration for sports is a global celebration of brands too. Brands are eagerly waiting for this moment that is going to be highlighted around the world. And they are well prepared for this commercial battle with their competitors, for this rare moment. Brands invest huge money and effort to be remarkable… Read more »

MasterCard’s Makeover : Rebranded version of ‘Priceless Possibilities’

 July 15, 2016

MasterCard‘s (known as Interbank in 1966 and MasterCharge till 1979) logo and name has changed since 1968, and at the core, the two overlapping circles in shades of red and yellow have remained the same. MasterCard is undoubtedly one of the unique brand and most recognizable brand mark appearing on millions of cash machines and… Read more »

Connecting Minds, Creating the Future : Story behind Dubai Expo 2020 logo

 March 30, 2016

The world is looking forward to 2020, for many reasons, and the main one for traders and buyers is definitely the Expo 2020. This time happening in Dubai, and hence will become the most popular World Fair since its inception, the new logo was unveiled by Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid, Vice President and Ruler of… Read more »

The story behind Uber’s bits and atoms

 February 3, 2016

When asked about the (old) Uber logo yesterday, the CEO and co-founder Travis Kalanick commented : “Have you ever looked at someone’s hairstyle and thought ‘Oh my, you peaked in the 1990s?’” The company had got a new brand identity and has updated the App icons. The new logo as described by the CEO Mr…. Read more »

4 failures in the history of rebranding!

 January 29, 2016

Rebranding is when you need a whole new branded look to your already established brand. But there are a lot of companies that messed up their brands-either with their logos or their concepts. Here are 4 of the lot: From Science Fiction to Syfy. Maybe the SciFi Channel should have checked out UrbanDictionary before it released its… Read more »

Make rebranding work for you

 November 26, 2015

“A brand is worthless if it doesn’t connect with the right audience in a relevant way.” In a fast-paced world, where consumer choices, demands and favourites change overnight, businesses often comes off bad. It’s unrealistic for an organisation to believe that the perfect mix of products, systems, infrastructure and workforce is at the top of… Read more »